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Good, life-saving, policy for American families. Proud to be a Utah Democrat. Our party puts people — and the needs of kids living in poverty — first.

Good to read this earlier, too — fewer kids in poverty (millions fewer) the right policy. Finally.


Congrats @sharonstone, author, and @Tim_OConnell, editor (he also edited my book, The Mirror Test for @AAKnopf).

‘Author’ — one of the most meaningful titles of all to me. They say everyone has a book (or a few) to write ... #AuthorLife #books #Congratulations

Sharon Stone@sharonstone

Unboxing my first book with Mom. I’m an author! Ck it out! @AAKnopf #TheBeautyLivingTwice https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/608060/the-beauty-of-living-twice-by-sharon-stone

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