Kael Weston Kael Weston I am running for Congress now because our politics are failing our people, particularly the most vulnerable and disadvantaged among us. Donate Now

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Talk to your friends about their civic duty. Every person you know should fill out the U.S. Census. Every person you know should have a plan to vote safely. Bring it up with them!

@PreetBharara Please add Kael Weston @KaelWeston to your list. This is the best candidate Utah has had for a while for Distrct 2.
This includes SLC and a very large chuck of Utah, currently held by Trump worshipper Chris Stewart. Check out his site/add to your list. https://www.westonforcongress.com

@fsmullin @KaelWeston @RepChrisStewart @USPS My prescriptions are being delayed too. Help spread the message. Little Chris has a challenger. @KaelWeston

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