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As temps in Utah likely break a record today amid the West’s ongoing drought, let’s encourage our elected reps and neighbors to focus on conservation, facts, and science — and keeping promises. #UtahDrought #WaterInTheWest


“We must work together to help ensure that the politics of empathy wins out over the politics of hate,” @PatriceArent and @KaelWeston write in @DNewsOpinion.


“If any state should have a visceral understanding of what hate can mean and the serious damage it can do to families, it is Utah.” https://www.deseret.com/2021/6/11/22524619/make-utah-refuge-hate-crimes-rise-antisemitism-asian-lgbtq-minorities

What a difference an election makes, life & death stakes: U.S. global leadership is back — and our historic generosity — to battle a global pandemic.

President Biden’s decision will save millions of lives in the poorest parts of our planet.

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