Kael Weston I am running for Congress now because our politics are failing our people, particularly the most vulnerable and disadvantaged among us. Donate Now

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@KaelWeston Watched it. @Kaelweston showed why he has my vote. A thoughtful bridge builder and stark contrast from the spineless sycophant to an incompetent and corrupt President who now represents my district sadly

@KaelWeston I watched media questioning you solo after the debate I couldn’t hear everything they were asking but when u brought up mental health specifically I got tears in my eyes and said snd say thank you! I submitted a question live. Kinda sad no one from SLC had their questions read

.@RepChrisStewart didn't vote on important issues or send in a bio for an election guide, doesn't do townhalls or respond to his constituents.

He clearly doesn't want to do the job so let's give it to someone who does.

Vote @KaelWeston for congress, Utah #CD2 #utpol

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