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High costs leave too many families fearing bankruptcy because of medical bills. I myself am on the individual insurance market and have had family members experience “balance due” shock for treatments.

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Living Wage

I get the math of trying to make ends meet. As a self-employed writer and educator, I keep a close eye on prices. The last time U.S. income inequality reached present levels was in the pre-crash period of the late 1920s.

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Gun violence

I learned how to shoot a .22 rifle and my grandpa’s pistol as a kid—before Fallujah and Helmand taught me what it feels like to be shot at. America’s schools must not continue to be their own version of a battle zone.

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Public Lands

Utah’s majestic geography is a public asset owned by all Americans, even as rural communities raise legitimate points about the balance between land protection, tourism, and local economics. Political leaders in Wyoming and Arizona initially fought the creation of Grand Teton and Grand Canyon National Parks, which are now among the largest economic magnets in each state.

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Climate Policy

The U.S. must engage the international community rather than sitting out global gatherings.

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Money in Politics

Instead of raising money, candidates should be focused on working toward bipartisan policy solutions. Politics must not become a millionaires- or billionaires-only club.

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Veterans Issues

Sending our mostly young to war means a lifetime commitment to them and their families once back home. Post-traumatic stress follows war as can post-traumatic growth.

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Human Rights

Human rights, dignity, and equality are values that demand vigilance and will always be worth fighting for. Stakeholders in Utah have moved in promising directions on these issues, and more work remains.

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Accountability & Ethics in Government

We also must not forget essential principles of accountability and ethics in our government. The U.S. system of checks and balances requires public servants of conscience and wisdom, not allegiance to partisanship. We should insist on high standards of conduct and judgment in our politicians—or fire them and hire those willing to listen and lead. Utahns can make this happen at the ballot box.