Climate Change

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Climate Change & the Environment

We must start by acknowledging the scientific reality of man-made climate change and the current crisis in which we find ourselves. We need to respond with urgency and the will to change. At the same time, we should wholly embrace the opportunity to create new jobs and industries, to reinvest in infrastructure and energy, to adapt and adopt sustainable practices across multiple sectors, and to prioritize conservation as part of our response. This approach will benefit all Americans, in addition to mitigating the crisis before us.

The U.S. must take its scientific expertise back to the Paris Accords and re-engage with the world as part of a unified effort to save our planet. No nation is better poised to lead, but during the last four years we have squandered that opportunity and alienated our partners. By rejoining the global effort, the U.S. brings its considerable intellectual, economic, and manufacturing power to bear, ensuring that global efforts have a chance to succeed. At the same time, our participation gives us the opportunity to include and lift marginalized communities by proposing policies that approach the crisis through the lens of environmental justice.

As Utahns and Americans, we must address climate change today, for our children and their children. We want our future generations to breathe clean air and have access to clean water. We want to preserve our public lands for their recreational opportunities rather than exploiting them for short-term gains by fossil fuel companies. We want our families to live with the security of a healthy and stable world. Addressing climate change has the added benefit of creating jobs for thousands of Utahns. Clean energy helped America recover from the Great Recession, and it can do the same today. Utah’s 2nd congressional district has over 13,000 clean energy jobs and nearly $3 billion invested in solar and wind energy, which produce enough electricity to power 270,608 homes. We must invest in the future through our actions today. Utah is uniquely positioned to lead on this issue.