Tell a Friend

Make It Personal

Friends don’t let friends skip elections. Reach out to your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to make sure that they are registered to vote, they know why you support Kael Weston, and they turn in their ballot.

You are the hub in a circle of trust. Talk to everyone you know in the district about why you support Kael Weston. They trust you more than they trust a text or call from the campaign. You have a lot of influence with your home, work, and social circles.

Research shows that voters are more likely to act on a voting tip from someone they trust that on a message directly from a campaign.

Share on Social Media

Especially in the time of a pandemic, a lot of us stay connected with our friends and family digitally. When you see a video or hear a story about Kael Weston, share it on social media. You might be a social booster, commenting on news stories, but this is more personal. Talk about your choice and why you support Kael Weston. Link to the story or video that helped you make up your mind. Talk about why this change is important to you. 

Send Postcards

Weston for Congress postcards

Get a set of 20 postcards, five of each design. A hand-written note to friends and neighbors telling them about Kael Weston will encourage them to learn more—and give them a nice design to put on their bulletin board to remind them of Kael.

Donate for a set of 20 postcards.