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Statewide Voting Info

The 2020 Election in Utah will be conducted via Vote by Mail, meaning every single person registered to vote in the election will receive a ballot in the mail. Voters who are not able to register in time to receive a mail ballot can register and vote at an early or Election Day polling location.

If you have questions about voting, or encounter any issues casting your vote, please contact the Voter Protection Hotline at 833-336-8683.

All mail-in ballots must be postmarked by November 2nd in order to be counted. If you miss the postmark deadline, return your ballot to a ballot drop-box or Election Day polling location.

Same-day voter registration is available at any in-person voting site as required by Utah law. Those registering same day must bring appropriate ID (one primary form of ID, not expired, including name and photo) or mail (two forms of ID with name and current residence) to verify their identity and current address. They will vote by provisional ballot.

Voter Protection Hotline: 833-336-8683.
Also access the hotline via

Voting Info by County

Click on your county for deadlines, polling places, official drop box locations, and county clerk contact details.

How to Vote

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Confirm Your Voter Registration

Find your voter registration info at

Register to vote or update your registration (including your mailing address for your mailed ballot) at

Check your voter registration status in Salt Lake County.

Voters registered on or before October 23rd will receive a ballot by mail.

Voters may register in person until Election Day at Early Voting and Election Day voting centers. You must have a current photo ID or a piece of mail to your current address if your photo ID is out of date. These voters will use provisional ballots.

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Make a Plan

Have you thought about how you will be voting, by mail or in person? When you will be voting? How will you get there? Will you go by yourself or with someone else?

Making a plan to vote is the most influential factor in whether someone will vote. Knowing HOW to vote, especially when some are trying to confuse voters, is very important. Making a concrete plan keeps the voter focused on next steps.

In order to make your voting plan, you need to know all of your options for Vote by Mail, In-person Early Voting, and In-person Election Day voting.

Voting in Utah varies by county. Choose your county below to find drop boxes, polling locations, and identification that may be required.

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Vote by Mail

Utah is a Vote by Mail state. That means every registered voter will be mailed a ballot. Most counties have reported that they will mail ballots on October 13th. Every voter registered by October 23rd will be mailed a ballot by their county clerk’s office once their registration is updated.

Mail ballots must be postmarked no later than November 2nd. Ballots can also be returned by drop-box or at a polling place until 8PM on Election Day.

Vote in Person

Because of the pandemic, vote by mail if at all possible.

All counties will have early in-person voting and Election Day in-person voting available. Check your county page below for details.

Once you vote, you can track your ballot at If you notice anything out of the ordinary, call the election protection hotline at 833-336-8683.